Treatment of brain cancer in Israel

Oncology Treatment in Israel

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Oncology Treatment
Oncology Treatment in Israel

Modern medicine has Israeli high-tech material and technical base and extensive scientific experience, so you can use effectively all advanced and new appearing in the world struggle with cancer.

Oncology Treatment in Israel is characterized by using the latest methods of cancer treatment, with high efficiency and low traumatic, thus ensuring high cure rate and low complication rate.

Types of cancer treatment in Israel includes: surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy.

Surgery is performed with the use of mini-invasive techniques with the help of a computerized endoscopic techniques. Such operations do not require large incisions, much shorter in duration, have no contraindications, and complications are very rare.

Cancer - the second most common disease (after cardiovascular diseases) resulting in death. Early diagnosis - the key to a successful recovery. Oncology will not be life-threatening if the time to see and be diagnosed in a specialized medical center.

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